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Our Story

Honey's Healing was manifested  in the year 2020. During this time the world was going through major changes as a pandemic knows as Covid19 had just been announced. Due to the mandatory mask issue I noticed my face started breaking out, I decided to  get into my skincare routine as a distraction from the world. One day while shopping for groceries I was drawn to  an Aloe Vera leaf, I took the leaf  home and made a mixture with just the gel-like substance. I started getting complements on how my skin had a refreshing glow and a few inquires about what products I use. I decided to do more research on how I can use the properties of the Aloe Vera gel to create my own product. From then on it has become my mission to spread healing throughout the world using all natural products. As a Bee pollinates  the world to produce more flowers, my intentions are to pollinate the world with more love and self care through my handcrafted products.

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